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Amber Cook

About the Instructor
Amber is a born creator and teacher with a flair for design and crafting. She has become a leader in the custom Mukluk world. Her love of leather art has turned into a full time business. Her story begins back in Gillam, Manitoba where her family was stationed in the early 70's. Mukluks, moccasins and gauntlets were not just fashionable, they were a necessity for the winter climate and a wonderful outlet for creative self expression. Today you can find Amber in all sorts of places - she’s either out instructing local Continuing Education Classes or she’s out and about sourcing choice materials. "I love to work with quality materials and I shop locally whenever possible. Buffalo, Elk, Moose and Deer are some of the hides I choose. Our local quality furs are Beaver, Coyote, Black Bear, Red Fox, Artic Fox, Silver Fox and Raccoon - whatever "good" comes along. I'm always changing my products and adding new ones using the best materials available.”
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