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Aline Halischak

About the Instructor
Aline Halischak is a dedicated instructor for Continuing Education at Louis Riel School Division Arts and Technology Centre. She graduated from the Office Management Program at Herzing College in 1998, and worked in Medical offices for 8 years, followed by ongoing office work in other institutions where she provided innovative change within administrative systems. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine-Arts Honours degree compiled from the University of Manitoba and the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Aline has been working as the Learning and Programs Coordinator at the Winnipeg Art Gallery since her graduation from the BFA in 2004 where she gained substantial experience in education and teaching. She has given numerous workshops, lectures, created lessons and more for children and adults. You can expect to have a very creative and immersive educational experience in her class
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