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Jill Ma

About the Instructor
Jill joined LRSD Continuing Education as an Administrative Assistant Instructor in September 2019. She is an adult educator, high energy presenter and dynamic public speaker. Through years of experience in adult education, Provincial Government and both public and private sectors, she has honed a wealth of knowledge and experience to develop a well rounded approach and perspective to self-development and learning. Jill has 14 years experience working as an Administrative professional and 7 years working experience in adult education. She has taught at various colleges in Winnipeg such as The Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (Business Administration Program) and Robertson College (Legal Administrative Assistant Program). Using her knowledge and real work experience in the administrative field, she uses a blended approach of classroom led learning, practical hands on learning and integrative coaching. Her leadership, management and integrative based approach to teaching partnered with teaching philosophies engages learners to adopt individuality, seek self exploration and employment opportunities to promote personal growth, career growth and fulfillment.
  Classes taught
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