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Jacqueline Field-Jones

About the Instructor
Until recently, I worked as a teacher in the French Immersion schools of the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD). I’ve taught French courses for Continuing Education since 2014. I’m a former high school teacher, trained as resource and literacy teacher and guidance counsellor, and also by the Canada School of Public Service, where I taught French and English to many federal government employees. One of my proudest achievements concerns my involvement with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc., where I composed/assembled bilingual volumes of vocabulary terms for the analysts, carried out language training and assessments, and prepared spokespersons conducting media interviews. In my classes, expect: to expand your knowledge of French, by accomplishing practical activities in French; to compare Canadian French terms and expressions to European French ones; frequent pronunciation exercises; to miss no more than five (5) hours of class–time; my support, within reason, by email, when needed.
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