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Tricia Lake

About the Instructor
My passion for health and fitness started after I transformed my own life by losing 40 pounds and improving my health. At 36 I was overweight and diagnosed with hypothyroidism and elevated blood pressure. Faced with the options of being sick, and on medication for life I adjusted my lifestyle to include healthier habits. My greatest results, and the key to maintaining my weight and health for 8 years, has been adjusting my eating habits. Small changes led to immediate improvements; and the impact of these changes empowered me. They also inspired me to become a Personal Trainer and a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach so I could help others achieve their health and wellness goals. My courses are designed to teach simple yet effective ways to eat to achieve your health goals, and to help avoid some common diseases. Healthy eating does not need to mean eating boring & tasteless foods. The 3 cornerstones to my meals are: ease of preparation, delicious taste and alignment with goals.
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