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Penka Thompson

About the Instructor
Penka was born and raised in Bulgaria and came to Canada when she was 18 years old. In 2014 she started feeling that her body was falling apart and started experiencing chronic pain in multiple areas. Finding a holistic solution is what led her to Block Therapy. From her very first class she knew that she had “stumbled” into something special. She felt immediate connection with Deanna and knew that she wanted to work with her one day. Penka remembers leaving the class thinking “I want to be in a position to help people to that level. To teach and coach them into becoming their own health advocates and to heal their bodies”. Shortly after she started practicing Block Therapy, she noticed that her body was changing and the pain was starting to diminish. A couple of years later she decided to jump in and certify as an Instructor. Today, she is working into becoming a Block Therapist and has taught classes in both Canada and Bulgaria. Testimonials from Penka's students: "Wow!!, I wouldn’t of guessed I could receive such immediate benefits from Block Therapy. After the 1st class, my right wrist pain was relieved and within a couple of weeks, my left sacroiliac (lower back) pain was gone. With such rewards, it has motivated me to continue my journey. I feel such an overall sense of better well-being, all thanks to Block Therapy.” ~Heather "Block Therapy Is Relief. I am now in my 3rd session with Penka and am always learning something new from her sessions. My muscles and ligaments are finally loosening up (after many years of trying alternative therapies), my posture had improved, and I am more aware of my body and its' needs. Less pain in my knees, less medication - works for me!" ~ Jan
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